Dikgafela Stage 1 Stage2

© 2023 Dr Margaret Sheppard


They gather in their local kgotla groups. The men sit on their chairs, and the women on the ground. They each take out their drinking calabashes and one man will serve them with the calabash server. They go in turn to the Chief’s drinking area in their kgotla groups and sing and dance for him, playfully “beating” him with their moologa branches shouting “Pula! Pula!”. There is much ululating and as the assembled kgotlas drink more and more beer there is more and more singing and dancing, ululating etc. -  a lot of noise which is what the Ancestors like with so many people enjoying themselves therefore it is hoped they (the Ancestors) will “send” good rains for a successful ploughing season. Celebrations  continue until the Headman announces the time to return to their homes - this return journey is somewhat spirited!

Pouring beer into bucket to be taken to the Chief’s pot.

Men on their kgotla chairs - one man was responsible for the “distribution” into personal drinking gourds.

Women are seated on the ground.


Dancing for the Chief

Celebrating at the Chief’s Kgotla

Drinking and dancing continues until the kgotla beer is finished