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Katina - Annual Fundraising for the Temple

There is a special season during October/November when the Temples collect money. Typically men will drive around local villages, paddy fields etc. in a tractor & trailer or they may be on foot. The Temple male members do this. They set off from the Temple for which they are collecting & then drive up & down all the lanes all night long. Typically a drummer goes in front to warn  the people to be ready with their contributions of money, soap, oil etc. People come out in their night clothes when they hear the beat of the drum announcing the approach of the collectors who are seated in the back of a trailer ready to receive the gifts. Then at dawn the collectors return to the Temple.

Usually the monks have been holding an all night pirit chant at the Temple & then the members will have the holy white thread tied around their wrists & also collect bottles of the  Holy Water.

Sometimes sleep is disturbed by different Temples several nights during this season but it is felt unlucky not to contribute.

A communal meal is served for the collectors & community at the Temple when the collectors return.

Driver & assistants

Collectors in trailer

On hearing the drum residents come out to make their contributions

Presenting their contributions

Arriving back at the Temple at dawn

Taking contributions into the Temple

After they have all been unloaded the contributions are put on display, money, washing bowls, brooms, soap etc

Queuing up to have Holy thread tied  (with a blessing) around their wrists

Monk tying on the thread

Tying on thread. This will be worn for about 3 days & then cut off & placed in a Holy place e.g. where family make daily pujah in the house

Collecting bottles of Holy water to take to their homes. This is the water over which the pirit was prayed all night

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