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Consulting a Mantra Healer

A Case Study

A family had decided to consult a Mantra Healer as they had suffered multiple misfortunes of late. Popular theories and advice  from the local gossips was that they were being bewitched.

The matriarch of the family had recently been diagnosed with terminal cancer. The fishing boat belonging to one son had been one of only three on the local fishing beach that had been destroyed  by the combination of a high tide and abnormal storm, another son had developed panic attacks, a daughter had been diagnosed with diabetes and other complications and another son had suffered a recurrence of poor  mental health becoming confused.

A Mantra Healer of high repute was consulted and attended after sunset. First he sat at the entrance to their house reciting a mantra whilst he cut limes  with an areca nut cutter and dropped them into a new clay pot of purified water. As at least one landed with the inside upwards he concluded the family was not bewitched.

Next he prepared a protective necklace for the lady with cancer.  This was to help her sleep at night. Whilst reciting another mantra, he prepared a mixture of coconut milk (a coolant) and tumeric (a heating element) in a saucer. He then measured three lengths of white thread and twisted them together. He then placed this thread into the saucer whilst still reciting a mantra. First he placed his hand on the forehead of the patient whilst continuing to recite the mantra and smoothed her forehead before placing the protective necklace around her neck

How the cut limes fell when dropped into the purified water. As at least one fell with the inside upwards, the mantra healer diagnosed that the family misfortunes were not due to bewitchment.

Protecting the Patient

Whilst reciting mantra he smoothes the patient’s forehead with the coconut milk and tumeric mixture.

Preparing the protective necklace(he recites a mantra whilst twisting the white threads together).

Placing the protective necklace around the patient’s neck while he recites the appropriate mantra.

The patient reported a few days later that she was sleeping much better.

Consultation 2

This woman suffered from severe stomach pains. She had already visited a Western Doctor and taken medication but there was no improvement.

A neighbour recommended this Mantra Healer.

Unfortunately this first treatment did not work. As his next treatment at an estimated 15,000 Sri Lankan rupees was expensive, she decided to consult another Western doctor as she was still in great pain. This one referred her to the Government run District Hospital for tests and she later had a hysterectomy which relieved the problem and she made a complete and full recovery.

This healer was based in the nearby town. First, whilst reciting a mantra, he burnt something in a small pot. He then, still repeating a mantra, placed his hands on the woman’s knees. This enabled him to “see” her problem and the diagnosis. Then he gave her a white cord over which he had recited mantra and had soaked in yellow root and coconut oil, around her waist. She then went to tie the cord around her waist.

When she returned. He then recited more mantra. Notice the limes and coconut half. Then he outlined what would be necessary if she was not cured by this treatment.

His fee for this consultation was 1,500 Sri Lankan rupees. The further treatment he suggested that he could also undertake, would cost 15,000 Sri Lankan rupees.