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Peraheras are colourful religious processions usually based around a Temple. The internationally famous Perahera is the 10 day festival in August at Kandy. This is preceded by Dondra 10 day Perahera and Kataragama Perahera which are each 10 day festivals usually in July or August. However Temples often organise a Perahera at the January New Year, Asian New Year in April, Wesak (when the birth, enlightenment and death of Buddha is commemorated) in May, Poson (June).

Peraheras are usually associated with Poya (Full Moon) Days e.g. the 10 day Kataragama Perahera processions start on the July Full Moon and culminate with the greatest procession on the night on the July Poya Day (ditto Kandy but in August).

These major Peraheras seem to have a standardised format which is illustrated in the following sections.

They start with a procession of small boys on decorated bicycles

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