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Kodawila Fishermen’s Perahera

At some Peraheras e.g. the Fishermen’s Perahera at Kodawila near Dikwella , the crews from the different tank boats (larger fishing boats) perform Kavadi dances at the end of the main cultural dance processions. Each crew has its own special sarong “uniforms”  and  make up. These are kept secret until the Perahera performance. Each group is led by its own specially hired Kavadi band. The crews  wear all their gold chains around their necks. (These would have been bought following successful catches and are often pawned at the banks to provide money during the non-fishing seasons.)  

As Kavadi dancing is thirsty work, the police keep watchful eyes on proceedings as fights can easily break out between rival crews when the dancers are “fuelled” with alcohol. They hide the bottles under their sarongs. The processional route for Kodawila Perahera is long, from one village Temple to another.

The band leads then, the younger members (often a crew’s sons) followed by the fishermen

N.B. each group has different matching sarongs and make-up.