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Then after sunrise at about 7.00-8.00 a.m., the family were called into the centre of the circle. Various Z.C.C. members stood in front of and behind them. Then the Moruti in charge of the service announced what the service was for, i.e. praying to God and Badimo and that it was being held for the late Ancestor of the family who had died 12 years ago. He gave a brief history of this man - he was a very good Christian man, following the Word of God and caring for his family.

Day Time Service

After all the family members had been purified and protected, there was one more hymn and the women, were dismissed. They were  then fed with tea and breads.

Each member of the family, in turn, was then purified with the Holy Water, in the same way as the rest of the congregation had been the night before. Even the small babies, amidst much screaming, were washed and persuaded  to drink some of the Holy Water. Next, each of the family  was "dusted" with a Holy Cloth. Finally a small Holy Pole (about 6” long) was moved over each family member. The last two actions were carried out by two of the  leading Baruti.

All kneeling to pray aloud their individual prayers, Before communally reciting the “Lord’s Prayer”.

Women  ZCC members singing and dancing the Zion Hymns whilst the family are purified and protected.

The men reassembled in a semi-circle and continued with an all-male hymn singing and dancing session. The prophecy pole and the whip were put in the centre of this semi-circle. Then the Moruti came to the middle and they danced and sang as described above in a very traditional formation. Every now and then one of the men would give a great stamp with his big boots.

This continued until about 9.30 a.m..

The men did not stop dancing and singing until about 9.30 a.m. despite the fact they had been dancing hard since midnight!

The members  were all served with the Badimo food  - meat from the slaughtered ox with samp (crushed maize) and spicy gravy.

Then they departed in the Moruti’s pickup after first at their request, being photographed!

Women family members stood together in the centre and were sprinkled with the protective Holy Water - First their fronts and then they turned and their backs were sprinkled. The same process was repeated for the male family members.

Each family member was then given a drink of the Holy Water - including the babies!

The Baruti (Church Leaders) then prayed on each family member in turn.

The ZCC Men gathered in front of the cattle kraal of the cattlepost. The Moruti (in the centre of their circle) is holding the whip that he had cracked the afternoon before to drive away the lightning.

They sang and danced the ZCC hymns. The Moruti is holding the whip, then lays it down . The men dance around it, at times leaping high into the air, and then thumping with their outsized boots on the hard packed ground.

N.B. The Church leaders are holding the whip.