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All Night Service

At about 10.p.m. the Z.C.C. service started with hymn singing. This was held inside the yard by the entrance. Before entering all had to be purified with the Holy Water. The Dikhosa (Door Keepers) were in charge of this and also placing the Congregations shoulder to shoulder with the men nearest the entrance. The Moruti in charge announced the arrangements. A large 10 litre tin of water was  placed in the centre of the circle and the Moruti made it Holy.

Everyone then knelt and prayed aloud their own prayer and confession. Then we were all purified again. The hymns became more spirited and the dancing started.

Other congregations started to arrive. As they arrived each entered the middle of the circle following their leader the women in the middle and the men at the back. They danced around and then their Moruti announced the name of the congregation and they joined the outer circle. One leader announced that immediately he arrived he could see a skull, i.e. buried boloi (sorcery ). In all six congregations arrived.

The service continued and during the night from time to time, prophets received prophecies from the Holy Spirit. Those to whom they referred, were called out to be given the prophecy in secret. Other prophets "saw" boloi (sorcery) and tried to dig it out. Non-members had also come with their private problems including one father with a sick child that unfortunately died during the night before its sickness could be brought to the attention of the Baruti (Church Leaders).

Baloi were also apprehended. For example my companions and I  were given permission to sleep for a few hours. The house where we lay was used at times to give individuals their prophecies in secret. Just before dawn I was awoken by a terrible clattering noise. Apparently a non-member woman was being accused of boloi (sorcery). As the prophets touched her with their poles, her tins of boloi secreted about her person, fell to the floor. Those of us who were sleeping in the house were then liberally sprinkled with protective Holy Water.

Prophets found the home to be badly bewitched. At one point during the night, one female prophet was feverishly digging by the entrance to find buried boloi. When I arose at dawn, another man was digging within the dance circle where he eventually found in a hole about two feet deep, boloi items.

Dikhosa (Door Keepers) ensured everyone was purified before they were allowed to join the service. This was to protect the married couple and their family.

Dancing to the hymns