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By about 1.30pm all the ZCC members had been fed and had departed. Neighbours and relatives had arrived to enjoy the Badimo Feast. Badimo (Ancestors)  like  relatives and neighbours coming together to feast and drink traditional beer. The traditional beer was brought out (N.B. Zionists do not drink alcohol). Non-members drank this specially brewed  Badimo beer.

Unlike at a traditional Badimo feast where no food leaves the yard, and all scraps are collected and buried in the yard, at this Z.C.C. feast many people including ourselves (my interpreter was a relative) were given parcels of raw meat to take to absent relatives. Also dogs were allowed to help themselves to scraps and bones etc. Apparently the scraps had been specially treated by Z.C.C. Baruti to allow this.

The Lotlhakane Moruti explained to me that they do not have Setlhabelo like other Zion churches, but when they slaughter a beast they invite all Z.C.C. congregations in the district to attend the service at the house. This pleases Badimo, who can then mediate between God and Man. This is obviously reflecting a traditional attitude to Badimo and slaughtering. At these services, because God is pleased, the Prophets are given Spirit to "see" problems and forewarn the individuals concerned to enable them to take protective actions.

Badimo Feast for Non-Members

Everyone was served, rich and poor alike. This feeding of poor people also pleases Badimo who then ensure the family will continue to prosper.

Children ate from a communal plate.

Traditional beer was served from the clay pots and  served with and drunk from calabashes. Zion Church members as teetotalers, abstain from this part of the Badimo feast.