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The Bible is the absolute authority in the Zion Church. It is believed to be the Word of God. Passages from the Bible are always read at the regular services as a basis for the Baruti (Priests) to preach on. Usually a Moruti (Priest) will call upon the Secretary to read the appropriate part of the Bible according to the Christian calendar and then preach on those verses, emphasizing what has been said in the Bible. At special services the appropriate part of the Bible is always read as a justification for the service and as instructions for the conduct of the service. Reading the Bible as instructed by the Baruti is part of the Secretary's job. Both men and women preach, usually spontaneously, guided by Moya - the Spirit.

Preaching and the Bible

Preaching from Bible texts. The Bible is the authority

Copies of the Bible are always prominent at services

Church Secretaries are responsible for reading out the relevant Bible texts during services.