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Prophecy Sticks/Poles

Prophets often carry these as part of their church regalia. Individual prophets have different poles. These are believed to help them to prophesy and while they are dancing they will dance with them. These come in all combinations, again according to an individual's instructions from the Holy Spirit. For example the pole may be a bundle of bamboos wrapped with different coloured cords, a single metal stick, a knob-kerrie with or without decorations of coloured cords, a shepherd's crook, or one Moruti (Priest) had a palm frond decorated with cords. These can perhaps be compared with the ditaola (bones) used by a traditional doctor, as poles (like ditaola - bones)  are believed to assist the prophet to "see". One Moruti told me that these poles are justified in the Bible in Numbers 17 v. I I (the story of Aaron) and also in Exodus 7, v. 9 (“the rod became a serpent").

These poles may be used whilst praying upon people, or they may be used to stir Holy Water during a special healing service,  or to touch the sacrificial animal whilst it is being prayed for before being slaughtered. (Further details of these uses will follow in other sections.)

Prophets dancing with their prophesy poles to accompaniment of Zion hymns and drumming to help call Holy Spirit

Prophets holding their prophesy poles, entering a house to pray for the owners  and discover and cure the problems that have been causing them so much trouble.

Dancing with pole to call Holy Spirit to reveal prophecy for patient

Receiving prophecy for patient

Revealing prophecy to patient

Stirring Holy Water with prophecy pole to heal patients

Prophets clasp their prophecy poles whilst they reveal the prophecies shown to them by the Holy Spirit

Experienced prophets use prophecy poles to help inexperienced prophet control Holy Spirit

Examples of the huge variety of prophecy poles

Prophecy Poles in use