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This is used in all Zion churches. It is water that is specially prayed for at the service, by an important Moruti (Priest), to render it Holy. It may have certain additives, as will be seen at the Healing Service. Members may drink, or be sprinkled with, Holy Water as part of a regular service, and it is also sprinkled (as will be seen) at special services) to protect and heal.

Members commonly have their own supply, their own bottles being re-filled at ordinary services. Such personal supplies may be used daily to wipe on the face, hands, or add to washing water. Again this is for general healing and protection. Zionists may "put" new houses by burying bottles of Holy Water under the plot or hanging them from the rafters. This is in much the same way as a traditional doctor will bury traditional medicines to protect a new house. Members with special problems often hang small bottles of Holy Water with wool cords from the rafters or above the entrances, again this is for general protection and/or healing.

Holy Water

Blessing and praying on water to render it Holy before sprinkling congregation

As part of the process a Moruti (Priest) May stir water with his prophecy stick

Members bring bottles of water to a Sunday Service to be blessed and prayed upon by the Baruti (Priests) to render them Holy. They may then “bathe” in their Holy Water daily for protection and healing  and/or …….

…... hang a protective bottle of Holy Water in their house to protect it  and its occupants.