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The first two monks enter with the senior one leading. As each enters, his feet are washed and dried.

They are then seated on the specially prepared chairs. These chairs are covered in white as the monks never sit where others have been sitting

Arrival of monks from nearby Temple. The family have arranged a van to transport them. They are led in by their Head monk

After foot washing monks take their places. There is then a service led by Head Monk for all the guests.

The guests at the Pirit all take their places sitting on the floor in front of the monks, whilst they pray and lead the Buddhist chants. Then the Head monk preached.

Monks are then served by guests who thus gain  merit.

Specially set aside food for Buddha

The owner and guest make presentations to the monks e.g. new clothes, brooms, soap etc. Everyone will touch the gifts before they are presented. The giving off the gifts to the monks brings merit.

Departure of Holy relic brought from Temple

The gifts are clothes, fans, brooms. Soap. candles etc.

Words of wisdom from monks

Departure of monks

Monks’ Visit  

Sunrise  on the day the monks are to eat in the new house. N.B Full Moon Day

 All night helpers have been busy preparing the special food for the monks

Preparing the room where the monks will sit, pray  and eat

Last minute preparations and supervision

All is finally ready

Preparations of monks’ food. This is laid out then covered over  whilst the preaching and prayers take place. This is all vegetarian food.

Arrival of the monks - for this pirit two monks came from the owner’s home Temple and the rest came from the main Temple where the new house was located. The firs t two arrived by 3-wheeler, were welcomed and then seated whilst awaiting for the arrival of the others