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Visitors come & go during night to listen to the Holy chants.

Some of the guests awaiting the start

Some of the pirit men awaiting the lucky time to enter the pirit house & start their chanting of the Holy texts.

At the lucky time the pirit men enter the pirit structure

 Once the Pirit men are in position &, the  owner lights first oil lamp to formally start the  pirit N.B. the Holy Pali texts on the table in front of the first man who will be chanting.

Owner lights the first oil lamp and announces the purpose of the Pirit - to “open” new house/hotel.

Other guests then invited to light the other lamps

Guests lighting the oil lamps around the pirit enclosure

Pirit men inside enclosure start chanting Holy texts

Pujah tray

Guests sitting in room outside enclosure invited to touch the pujah tray - this brings merit.

During the night supper is served to the guests

Tea and biscuits are served periodically throughout the night

Pirit men continue chanting taking turns to sleep.

Guests and pirit men sleep  near the chanting

Listening to the pirit

In the meantime other helpers are preparing the monks’ lunch to be served the next day

Throughout the pirit some observers are joined to the white thread that is linked from their hands  into the pirit enclosure

The next morning at sunrise visitors drink from the pirit water & also have the white pirit thread tied around their wrists

Serving early morning tea to the pirit men who then prepare to leave

Pirit men

Formally thanking the pirit men

As this pirit thread promotes well-being some people take extras for people at their homes who could not attend

The chanting of the Holy Buddhist texts in Pali lasts all night until dawn. Certain men often perform this or sometimes monks from the local Temple.

These Pirit men dress in white clothes for the pirit.

After sunset the guests and pirit men start to arrive at the new venture.