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The catering preparations are extensive and may last several days. Foodstuffs have to be sourced for the various refreshments that need to be served, either from the paddyfield, markets or shops. It may well take several days to prepare all that is needed

 Relatives and neighbours help. This is a very sociable time. People assist where they have special skills such as cooking specialist items - cahun ( a sort of fried donut), preparing sambala (a relish), making kiri (soured milk) etc. The more agile erect the Buddhist flags “advertising” the pirit along the route, or erecting the pirit structures in the house etc.

Preparing coconuts for making coconut milk. These need to be dehusked.

Making coconut milk- Then the flesh is grated before squeezing out the milk.

Cooking cahun

Making sweets

Chopping chillis etc for sambola (relish)

Preparing the fish for the fish curry- this tends to be men’s work on such occasions

Erecting the Buddhist flags to announce a pirit is to take place

These were erected all the way out to the main road

Preparing the vegetables

Bulat etc for the guests and special foods for the monks’ visit

Milk arriving for making kiri (sour milk)

Arrival of more food for guests!

Cooking kiri

Cooking snacks

Storing cooked snack food