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Demon Masks

A selection of the many Demon Masks worn during Tovil Curing Dances. These demons dance during the Morning Watch Dances of a Tovil Curing Ceremony.

(For further details see the Sections on “Demons” and “Dances”.)

Pandem Paliya/Sanniya

Salu Paliya/Sanniya

Kendi Paliya/Sanniya

Kalas Paliya/Sanniya

Tambili (Coconut) Paliya/Sanniya

 Anguru-dummala Paliya/Sanniya.


According to the cause of the patient’s illness, these masks of disease causing demons may also be worn by the dancers

Deva/Kola- Sanniya/Paliya

This mask has cameos of all 18 disease causing demons

Mahasona- the Great Cemetery Demon

Mahasona is “called” and dances during the Midnight Watch Dances.

(See section on “Midnight Watch” in “Dances” for further details.)