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Morning Watch Sanni Demon Costumes

These disease causing demons dance and perform during the Morning Watch. The dances are dramatic and the interchanges with the drummer comic. The first five demons always dance at Tovil curing ceremonies as do Maru Sanniya and Deva Sanniya. As dawn approaches time is short so demons must return to their “abodes”. (See Sections on “Dances” for further details and links to You Tube videos of these Sanni dances.)

1 Pandem Paliya/Sanniya

2 Salu Paliya/Sanniya

3 Kendi Paliya/Sanniya

4 Kalas Paliya/Sanniya

5 Tambili Paliya/Sanniya

6 Angururu-dummala Paliya/Sanniya

Maru-Sanniya - dances near the end collecting up the offerings

Kola Sanniya

Deva Sanniya - the mask depicts cameos of 18 demons. By now it is dawn and “demon time” is ending so they must return quickly to their abode.