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Birth & young babies

When a baby is born the time and date are carefully recorded, and an astrologer will then draw up  a chart.

Young babies typically have a black protective Kohl dot applied their foreheads. They also commonly have a gold Buddhist “lucky charm” emblem placed around their necks.

At one year old a party is held to which relatives and friends will be invited. This is when the baby will be given its first rice to eat. It will then be placed on a mat with different toys representing its possible future life e.g. a tractor, pen and/or book, building tool etc. Whichever the baby first picks up is supposed to be an indicator of its future adult occupation; e.g. tractor – farmer, book – some sort of studious career, building tool - builder etc.

Children are nowadays sent to pre-school to learn elements  such as numbers and letters, until they start at primary school proper at around 6.

Babies with protective black kohl on foreheads

Baby with protective gold charm on gold chain around her neck

This black kohl is applied to the foreheads of toddlers

New born baby under protective mosquito net

Typically laid on mattress on the floor and protected by a surround of pillows and cushions