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Red Wedding

The bride’s family had hired a bus to take their guests to the Red Wedding at the  groom’s home.

The last guests are loaded - some unwillingly.

In the meantime the bride and groom have spent their first night at a hotel and then the bride is dressed in a red sari provided by her groom’s


The couple are then driven to the groom’s home to arrive at the lucky time

The bus passengers from the bride’s family wait behind the couple for the lucky time to enter the groom’s home

Groom’s family waiting to welcome the bride

The rest of the guests take their seats and are served drinks by the groom’s family.

At the lucky time the bride eats her first meal at her new home. The couple serve themselves first from the buffet. The first mouthfuls they feed to each other

The bride’s mother then feeds the bride and groom from her plate

They then sit in a decorated chair together, for the speeches from both families. The guests present them with wedding gifts and are photographed in turn, with the bridal couple.

The groom’s father repeats this “feeding” to the couple

Bride and groom mingle with their guests

Next follows “Together Dancing” Both families and guests from both sides intermingle and dance together. Weddings are an occasion for the unmarried  to be “on show” in their best clothes as prospective partners.

Then at the lucky time in late afternoon, the bride’s family and their guests depart leaving the bride at her new home. The party at the groom’s home often continues into the night with new guests turning up to greet the couple. She usually visits her own family after about 2 weeks.

Traditional Welcoming of bride - bulat, rice, water etc. is offered to the new bride

Groom’s mother welcoming bride with traditional glass of water

Bride enters her new home for first time

These young people sang the traditional songs of welcome to the bride and her family

The  dowry has been loaded on the roof of the bus and a truck

The wedding cake is also loaded up.

The “unwilling” guest is now happy with plenty of new friends to play with and the prospect of delicious food!

The Bride

Young boys from both sides “compete” to outdo each other with their dancing and acrobatic techniques and feats.