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Departure of bride from her parents’ home to her husband’s home.

This wedding was at Butalla and the bride was marrying  into a family from Bibila area thus the bridegroom,  best man and boy attendants were dressed in Kandy style costumes.

Preparing to leave her parent’s home following the white wedding there.

final farewells

En route stopping for additional photos at a locally acclaimed beauty spot

Arrival at husband’s family home

Toiling up the hill to his family house

Groom’s parents formally welcoming the bride  with traditional glass of water

Bride and her relatives awaiting the lucky time for the newly weds to enter groom’s home

Traditional song of welcome

Entering for first time as a couple

Groom’s mother gives bride traditional welcoming water

Lighting traditional wicks

Couple present gifts to the singers

The welcoming refreshments

Formal speeches of welcome to bride and her family

Groom’s family clasp welcoming hands with her

Formal welcome of bride witnessed by her family

Her family then take their leave to return to their homes. They will arrive en masse the next day for the Red Wedding held by groom’s family following consummation of the marriage