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Primarily a Hindu Deity but many Sri Lankan Buddhists make offerings and vows.

There seem to be various opinions of Kali. Some claim she is a Deity whilst others claim she is an evil demon. According  to some legends she was a female devil leader who ate human flesh but then under the influence of Pattini she changed her ways to following the teachings of Lord Buddha respecting the Five Precepts.

Her followers believe she has great powers to grant their wishes in exchange for their offerings and vows.

A clairvoyant at Kataragama has a Shrine dedicated to Kali where consultees make offerings and vows. (see Section on Clairvoyants)

To promote success in their fishing many fishermen on this beach carry images of Kali at the front of their orus and small motor boats.

Fishermen’s Shrine for offerings to Kali placed on their fishing beach during an all night pujah to the Deities to rectify abnormally low catches and thus loss of livlihood. (See section on Tovils).