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Deities Hierarchy Ceremonies Sakra Guardians Twelve Deities

Sakra is considered the Lord of the Deities and according to tradition he is connected with the landing of King Wijaya and his followers on the island of Sri Lanka when they arrived from India in the sixth century B.C.. At the request of Lord Buddha, Sakra is reputed to have entrusted  the Deity Vishnu/Upulvan, with the guardianship of Buddhism in Sri Lanka.  He is also attributed with bringing Arahant Mahinda to Sri Lanka to introduce Buddhism to the island.

(From the Wheel Publication - Buddhist Publication Society - see internet)

Sakka (Sakra) - Lord of the Deities

Sakka on Buddha’s right, sheltering him

Deities with Lord Buddha - Sakka to Buddha’s left.

Illustrations from internet

Lord Buddha with the main Deities sharing the steps to Enlightenment.