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Fund Raising

Special Pujahs to raise money were held by a newish Temple in Dikwella area which was developing a new meeting hall. Local Temple organisers (elders of the community) - toured around the area. Sections of the village were allocated designated days when they would go en masse to the Temple for an Evening Pujah presenting their offerings. Local businesses pledged different parts of the new building e.g. one local hotel pledged to pay for the floor tiles, another smaller hotel pledged to pay for some roofing sheets etc. All these pledges and offerings gain merit for the givers. The designated day for the Pehambiya area of Dikwella was 13/11/2010. The Pehambiya Pujah is illustrated here.

Pehambiya women organise the offering (pujah) baskets from all the contributions that have been donated

Temple Drummers

Where the pujah will be laid

The pujah offerings are passed hand to hand up the double line to the statue house then laid on the offering table before Lord Buddha

Young boys take charge of ringing the bells  signalling the offering of sound

Then everyone retires to the new preaching hall for communal prayers

There was an all-night pirit  led by the Temple monks. Some people  placed photographs of their departed relatives to be remembered during the pirit.

Outside the hall Tovil (Devil Dancers) performed some of their special curing dances and songs

Inside the hall,the white mats were laid for the monks who were to chant the all-night pirit from the shelter. They would walk on these whenever they entered or left the shelter.

Watching the Tovil dancers before many of the people go home although some stay all night for the pirit