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Hikkaduwa Temple

This Temple is at Sennigama on the sea front, just North of Hikkaduwa  on the Galle Road. It is another Temple to which many people will offer special pujahs or break coconuts.  It is always busy with pilgrimsbuses pause here to allow travellers to make offerings in the roadside collecting boxes. About 100 metres off the coast is a small island Temple which pilgrims visit to make special chili and oil offerings if they have been victims of thieves as this is believed to lead to the restoration of their property. It is dedicated to the Deity Devol one of the 12 Deities. Pilgrims making offerings at this shrine are usually seeking vengeance for a wrong (e.g. as victims of theft), or help from the Deity to solve their everyday issues e.g. to attract good luck with business especially fishing, cure infertility etc.

Filling up the oil lamps

Sacred Bodhi tree

Tying a coin into a piece of cloth, whilst making a wish.

The coconut cracking place to check if the prayer will be answered - indicated by the way the coconut cracks.

Walking around the sacred bodhi tree three times with a pot of water and then watering the roots through the elephant trunk attracts merit. Several pregnant ladies were doing this to bring about a safe delivery of their babies.         

12 noon special pujah. The couple who made the special offerings then served everyone with the food outside. It consisted of specially cooked beans and rice in coconut milk

Tying a coin offering onto the sacred bodhi tree whilst offering a prayer for a very sick relative

The off-shore island Temple. The sea was too rough for boats to venture out but these young men swam out to make their special pujah for the return of their stolen property. N.B. one has a life belt. This is the original temple believed by some to date from 1300 years but proven at least 300 years old. It has a deep fresh water well. The Temple on the mainland is newer and makes it convenient for pilgrims, especially during rough weather, to make their offerings and prayers.

(See section on Deities for further details)