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Fourth Sanni

The exorcist who is playing the part of the demons then reappears as Kalas Paliya. He is dressed as, and wears the mask of, a young woman. This performance causes much amusement to the Audience as Kalas Paliya parades around the Performance Area dancing like a woman. The Drummer implores “her” to come to him. “She” tries to cuddle up to the Drummer and even sit on his lap and kiss him. The Drummer then in disgust, accuses “her” of being a prostitute and “she” leaves sobbing to re-enter the Demon Palace - much to the amusement of the Audience.

“She” tries to tempt the Drummer, but the Drummer becomes angry and tells “her” to go.

“She” departs in tears and with loud sobbing noises, to the Demon Palace. The audience is always highly amused by  and enjoys this performance!

“She” dances provocatively around the Performance Area

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