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Second Sanni

Next the Drummers change the drum beat sounding the rhythm of Salu Paliya, the second sanni to dance. He has a white (salu) cloth around his neck – the same that was used to shield the patient  before the appearance of Mahasona.  At this point this white cloth represents the shawl of Pattini. Salu Paliya dances around the Performance Area stopping from time to time to laugh loudly, pointing at the Patient. Eventually he then engages in a comic argumentative and largely insulting interchange with the Drummer to the great amusement of the Audience. He eventually concludes by passing the white cloth three times over the Patient’s head before returning to the Demon Palace.

Engaging in insulting  and ribald conversation with the Drummer, in between laughing and pointing  towards the Patient. This greatly amuses and entertains the Audience and the Patient.

Dancing around the Performance Area. Then at the end of his appearance he returns to the Demon Palace

He enters from the Demon Palace

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