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Lime Cutting

During Tovil Dances and at the end of the ceremony, the Edura may well do Lime Cutting. This involves holding a lime with areca cutters against the head of the Patient, cutting it, and then tossing the halves into the Offering Basket. Whilst doing this the Edura recites mantra.

The Edura draws  out any residual demonic problems by touching the patient  on the  head, shoulders and feet with the Igaba.

The Edura recites the appropriate mantra whilst holding the lime in the cutters against the Patient’s head.N.B. the Igaba leant against the Offering basket.

The Edura then cuts the lime in half, and tosses the halves into the Offering Basket on the chair.

The Edura repeats the process with the remaining limes.

Lime cutting and the accompanying mantras is shown towards the end of this You-Tube video: