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Remaining Demons

In the ceremonies I observed the four first demons appeared then usually they are followed by two or three more such as Anguru-dummala Paliya, Tambili Paliya, Igaha Paliya and Kukulu Paliya. As each appears there are the similar comic and risque interchanges with the Drummer.

Tambili Paliya . He is so-called as he carries a coconut - tambili

He dances around to his special drumbeat, argues and jokes with the Drummer which greatly amuses the audience. He dances with dummala as demons like this.

Then after a final dance, returns to the Demon Palace

 Anguru-dummala Paliya.

This sanni enters from the Demon Palace,  dances around, has an amusing, ribald and insulting conversation with the Drummer before returning to the Demon Palace,

Dancing around the Performance Area

Conversing with the Drummer, grumbling and insulting. He boasts about what he has done

Then he smokes the area with the dummala

More interchange with the Drummer

Then he returns to the Demon Palace

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