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Maru -Sanniya

Then there is a new drum beat and much disturbance from within the Demon Palace. It is shaken violently from the inside and there is shouting. Breaking out  through the “walls” of the Demon Palace bursts Maru-sanniya, throwing  flaming dummala into the area. He shuffles around the Performance Area with his flaming torches periodically throwing more flaming dummala upwards, stopping from time to time, fixing sections of the Audience in his stare – frightening them. Then he eventually settles down next to the Patient, cuddling them- terrifying them. Eventually he gets up and then starts an insulting interchange with the Drummer. Then he somersaults  around the area to a louder drum beat, he may leap on top of the Demon Palace and continue an interchange with the Drummer. He may even pick up the cock from in front of the Patient, dance with it or sit down with it reciting to it. Then he takes up the Offering Basket for the demons.  A joking interchange, often bringing a smile to the Patient, then takes place. The Patient adds more offerings into the Offering Basket  and Maru-sanniya retreats with it into the Demon Palace. Then he returns to replace it on the chair in front of the Patient before retiring inside the Demon Palace.

To his special drumbeat, Maru-sanniya bursts out of Demon Palace in a flash of flaming dummala.

He progresses around the Performance Area  

Interchange with the Drummer whom he may even “attack”!

Progressing around Performance Area scaring the Audience

Frightening the Patient by cuddling up to him/her. From time to time he will strut around the Performance Area “flaming” his two lighted torches.

From time to time he breaks off to discourse with the Drummer

Patients are clearly terrified by Maru-sanniya

Or he returns to the Demon Palace and shakes it vigorously

After a final dance around the Performance Area,  he returns to the Demon Palace, then returns a few minutes later without the mask to collect the Offering Basket for the demons.

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Morning Watch: Maru Paliya - Authentic Healing Tovil (Devil) - Dance of Southern Sri Lanka : https://youtu.be/a5qEk17YtGs