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Chiefs of the Bangwaketse

Ngwaketse                                                                                titular founder of Bangwaketse

Makaba 1


Moleta ? 1770-1790?

Makaba 11  ?1790-1824                                                               Bangwakets first settled in Kanye

Sebegoqo* 1825-44                                                                     Sebego requested an LMS missionary

Segotshane* 1830-45    

Senthufe*  1844-59                                                                      ruled a seceding part of the tribe until 1859

Gaseitsitwe  1845-89                                                                  LMS mission established at his request from 1848. Tribe                                                                                                 reunited and settled in Kanye

Bathoen 1 1889-1910                                                                     progenitor of present royal kgotla. First secession from                                                                                                  LMS mission (1901); because used by Chief’s opponents,                                                                                                  Leader and followers eventually exiled.

Seepapitso 1920-16                                                                    Schapera described him as “the most progressive Chief                                                                                                  in the Protectorate” - sadly shot dead by Mayapitso, a                                                                                                 younger brother during a kgotla meeting. Mayapitso was                                                                                                 subsequently tried and hanged for murder by the                                                                                                            Protectorate Administration   

Kgosimotse*  1916-18                                                                  half brother of Bathoen, good  Chief but in ill-health

Malope* 1918-19                                                                         Grandson of Segotshane. Sadly only lasted for a few                                                                                                        months as gravely ill

Tshosa*  1919-23                                                                          Great grandson of Sebego, very confused due to ill-                                                                                                        health and eventually deposed when tribal funds mis-                                                                                                     appropriated.

Gagoangwe*  1923-4                                                                     widow of Bathoen 1 and daughter of Chief Sebele of                                                                                                      the Bakwena. Good ruler but elderly, assisted by 3                                                                                                         Headmen. Allowed SDA to build a hospital in Kanye.

Ntebogang* 1924-8                                                                       appointed Regent at request of her mother Gagongwe.                                                                                                   Sister of Seepapitso and Moyapitso

Bathoen 11 1928-69                                                                      Very able Chief. Abdicated 1969  in favour of his son so                                                                                                   that he could become an M.P leading BNF in opposition                                                                                                   to the ruling party BDP

Seepapitso 1969-                                                                          Son of Bathoen 11. By his reign many of the traditional                                                                                                    powers and responsibilities  of the Chief had been                                                                                                         taken over central and local government                                                                    

* denotes a Regent.

List compiled by Isaac Schapera

Uphill Kanye, on the road to the Chief’s Kgotla

Views of the Chief’s Kgotla - Chief’s houses and Tribal offices