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After the crops have germinated the women weed the fields. Traditionally they used to use hoes and would weed by hand, but nowadays with the introduction of row planting many of the richer people have purchased weeders that can be pulled by two oxen. The agricultural demonstrators recommend that there should ideally be three weedings a year, and although not everyone can do so many, even those who do not actually own a weeder themselves often hire the services of an owner and so manage to do at least one weeding. Using a weeder probably takes about two to three days for some 8 acres instead of a matter of weeks (according to how many women are involved) to hoe by hand.

Daily life at the Lands is much the same as in the village. The homes, however, are much more scattered, as they are usually beside the owner's fields, but they are not isolated from one another.

Weeding with a hoe

Weeding with oxen

Germinating and developing crops, typically planted in strips

Water melons amongst other crops

Maize - well watered by the Rains

Examining progress

Sun flower strip

Sorghum - the staple

The Crops