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Botswana is an arid area with no permanent rivers except in the Okavango in the North. Few people have running water in their homes although by the 1980s some families had a water tap in their lwa-lapa (yard). Most still fetched household water for washing, cooking etc from the village water taps, many of which would run dry during droughts incurring a long trek to the ones that were still working. These village water taps were supplied by water pumped up from the Dam near Phareng Gorge.

At the Lands and cattleposts water was fetched from local dams which at the cattleposts had troughs for the livestock to be watered.

Outside Kanye water pumps were being installed to pump up underground water. Some of these were run by diesel engines and others by windmills.

Fetching water from the bore holes in the Kalahari outside Kanye.

A dam at the Lands that fills from surface water during the Rains

Phareng Dam, Kanye that provides the main supply to Kanye

Fetching water for the household from communal village water taps. During droughts many do not work incurring a long trek  to ones still working and long queues. During extreme droughts when no taps have water, people have to walk down to the Dam to fetch  household water