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Final Stage

Then the Tovil dancer  "cured" and protected each family member in turn.

He placed a protective coconut leaf plaited necklace around the necks of mother and daughters and around the upper arm of the husband.

The ceremony finished at about 6  a.m. - Dawn.

The Tovil dancer was going straight on to a large Mahasona Tovil. He had to start work there at midday! He had apparently been at this Family Tovil house since midday the previous day making all the necessary preparations.

He is very well known for his powers of helping people and so gets many personal recommendations. One of the other ladies at this Family Tovil stated that she had been helped by him 3 months before. She had had asthma, stomach problems etc etc. She had had no luck with the medicines supplied by the clinic and the hospital but then after the Family Tovil performed by this Tovil Dancer she had completely recovered. She had a toddler and a husband with her at the Tovil and  was aged in her late 20s.

Follow Up

Some months later the family were apparently fine and no longer being disturbed by ghosts.

The middle daughter’s necklace being placed -  each time he placed these protective necklaces he was intoning protective chants.