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Lime Cutting

Back at the house, the tovil dancer returned to his chair in front of the family seated on the mat. He started a new chant. He did lime cutting against each of their heads in turn. He started with the husband, then the wife and then each of the children in turn starting with the oldest and finishing with the youngest. During this the cock was also present.

The cut limes were dropped into a bowl, which when the lime cutting was complete, was carried away and the lime pieces were burnt.

The Tovil dancer then carried the offering basket from in front of the family to the front door of the house. He added more articles to the offering basket by the entrance door, including coconut water  from the  broken coconut. He did more chanting and  cutting of  limes into the coconut shell.

He then wove coconut string “necklaces “ for each family member which he placed in the same coconut shell.

Whilst he was chanting, cutting the limes and weaving the necklaces by the front door, the elder daughter dropped rice grains from a stalk of rice into a cup. Every time the chant mentioned a problem she dropped in a grain of rice. This further symbolised the ending of the families problems by the performance of this ceremony.