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The Sesanthi Pujah/Tovil

Finally all was ready at about 8.40am. The patient, dressed in white, first made a pujah, in her  household Buddha place and then went to sit on the mattress on the floor covered in a white sheet. The two supporters on this occasion were relatives and took their places either side of her. The patient held one of the limes with a red flower attached in her hand, this was joined by a white pujah thread to the two flower baskets.

The patient held one of the limes to which a red flower was attached, in her hand. This was joined by a white pujah thread to the two flower baskets.

The lime with the red flower. N.B. the white thread that is attached to the flower baskets. Here the patient (on the instructions of the  healer is blowing onto the lime and flower.

During his recitations the assistants threw coconut flower seeds into the clay pot of water that each had in front of him shouting Ayboan (Long life!) at the same time. During the ceremony each assistant threw in 216 coconut flower seeds each.

Throwing  the seeds into the clay pot of water and calling out Aybnoan - Long life!

There were several recitations. These were hypnotic. They told stories of how Buddha had overcome the various disease causing demons resulting in afflicted patients being cured.

From time to time the smoky dumalla was held under the Sun flower basket that the healer held.

There was a short break for morning tea at about 11am. During this break the healer prepared a mug of bitter tasting herbal medicine whilst  he recited a mantra. He then gave this to the patient to drink. Then we continued on until lunch time at about 1.45. Lunch was served to all those present during the break which lasted about 45 minutes.

For the  afternoon session another supporter took over from the young boy.

Wicks  had been prepared from an old white cloth. These were soaked in coconut oil, then instead of throwing coconut flower seeds into the pots, the two supporters cast lighted wicks into a single pot placed  in the middle between them. In all 108 lighted wicks were cast into the clay pot by the supporters.

During this part of the ceremony the patient had a clean white cloth which she had wrapped around her head. Then she was instructed to put it around her neck, then her middle and finally over her feet.

When the wicks were finished the supporters reverted to the coconut flower seeds.

Then she made offerings into each of the baskets under instructions from the specialist healer. She placed the white cloth in one, also the lime with the red flower and the white thread.

The healer commenced the holy, curative mantras (recitations).