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  Sethsanthi  (Pujah) Tovil

This Sesanthi tovil/pujah was held for a patient suffering from terminal pancreatic advanced cancer.

This tovil healer’s family have been Tovil Dancers and Healers for generations. He learnt the Sesanthi Tovil  and how to perform the Bali Tovil from his father. These are the main types of tovils in which he specialises.

The Healer  arrived at about 7.30am. He had previously given a list of the requirements for this tovil to the family of the patient. These included coconut flowers, limes, banana leaves, flowers of various colours etc. He spent about 1 hour preparing these and the necessary woven receptacles to be placed in front of the patient and to be used during the ceremony. His charges for this are 5000 Sri Lankan rupees.