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Constructing one of the offering baskets. N.B lump of clay from an ant’s nest in the middle. This is to hold the arrangement together


Weaving in the coloured flowers

Preparing the other parts of the pujah offerings e.g. He arranged the flower basket made of woven coconut leaves and made a clay round in the middle of a cut round banana leaf. He then decorated this with pieces of cut coconut leaf to form a “sun”. This had more flowers placed in it and pieces of specially shaped leaf stalk which he carefully cut to shape.

Preparing the Pujah area

One of the necessities was a flattened pile of rice in which he shaped a yantra (magic pattern)

Then he decorated this with coconut flowers and  placed 20 of the 21 limes within the yantra pattern.

This was placed with the other preparations  in  front of where the patient would lie on the mattress. It was positioned between the specialists’s chair and the patient’s mattress.

The chair with the white cloth held  the special offering basket. Next to the rice arrangement on the mat in front of the mattress where the patient was to be, were placed the other items ready for the different parts of the pujah.

Next he prepared the area inside the house where the pujah was to take place.