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There are many and varied occupations undertaken by Sri Lankans particularly in rural areas. In order to support themselves and their families they may often have multiple occupations. In this section follow a brief overview of the common occupations. Income generating occupations are not only important for basic family survival, but many of the life cycle and health promoting ceremonies described in other sections of this website are very expensive e.g. marriages, funerals, curing ceremonies etc. N.B. This is NOT an exhaustive list  Each of the main sections gives further details.

 Food Production -

          coconuts and associated occupations



Kiri/sour milk


Chena/Vegetable growing


Rice production

 Markets and Market Stalls

 Businesses - small and micro businesses


 Kiri/Sour Milk

 Other occupations gems and jewelry, Tourism, transport,                                                           pottery,salt,sewing

 (N.B. See also other sections on e.g. Healers, Astrologers, Clairvoyants)

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