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Miscellaneous Occupations

These are just a few examples of the many small businesses that may help boost the household income

Mobile phones, accessories and top-ups

The Toddy Tavern

Egg production

The Bread man - selling door-to-door for a bakery

Fire wood. The wife collects it and the husband sells it

Making and selling artificial flowers

After school the children return to help their parents. The daughter is making joss sticks and the son is packeting and sealing packets of spicey beans cooked by the mother. The husband helps out where required and then sells their products  mainly to passing bus passengers at the bus station.

Motor bike repair workshops

Stall selling Pujah (offering) requisites at a Temple

Fashioning office waste paper into pill containers that they then sell to pharmacies, surgeries and local hospital

Converting spent light bulbs into oil lamps

Selling “chewing sticks”  to

Passing travellers

Welding. This is a dish draining rack.

Also makes gates, mends ploughs etc.

Weaving sleeping mats after collecting and preparing the grass

Basket making - this is a fish basket

Selling basketry door-to-door and in town

Making and selling cement plant pots and garden ornaments

Moulds are used to shape the pots and ornaments

Village marketing of new products . This is a herbal tea and cols/flu relief. Free samples issued to villagers and hopefully sales follow!

Wiring up and selling car and transport protective Deity and Buddha images. Nearly every van, bus and car carries these to protect the travellers against accidents. This is a roadside workshop/stall.