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The Rice Trader

A Rice Trader will buy direct from the paddy farmer. He will examine the rice and weigh the sacks to check their quality and weights. So that there are no “misunderstandings”, the paddy field owner will observe the process.

Each sack is carefully weighed

When the seller and trader both agree, the sack top is securely sewn up to close it

Each sack is then loaded onto the trader’s tractor trailer

The trader arrives at the paddy farmer’s house and examines and weighs the rice sack by sack

This process can take some time!

After a successful harvest, a customary practice in paddy field areas is to cook a large pot of rice which is then distributed around the area to the local the dogs (many of which are feral). This is so that the dogs may share in the bounty of the harvest. This act gains merit for the farmer and thus  hopefully continuing successful harvests.

Tractor driving around the lanes between the paddy fields. The young boys throw out the cooked rice for the dogs from the pots on the back of the cart.