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Surfing and Body Boarding

Surfing has long been popular on the waves at Arungam Bay in the South East. However new beaches especially along the South West, are opening surf schools and surf hire facilities  e.g. Weligama and Hiritkitiya and there are many suitable surfing locations for all levels of surfing abilities along the coasts near these areas, but it is also wise to ask the advice and guidance form the local surfers as currents and rocks are very dangerous to those new to these coasts.

The Surfing centres provide local seasonal employment opportunities to surfing instructors and maintenance  personnel, plus extras business for the local Guest Houses and Hotels and restaurant/refreshment facilities’

Body Boarding is also now popular and boards can be hired locally, creating extra revenue for local entrepreneurs. It is essential to take local advice about suitable and safe body boarding locations.

Body Boarding at Dikwella Beach, Matara District - beautiful clean waves on a sandy beach, in warm Indian Ocean seas.