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Fish Traders and Merchants

Fish traders and merchants await the return of the fishing boats . Typically this is early in the morning following night fishing. They buy directly from the fishermen at the beach. These traders can be “one man” bands operating from bicycles or motor bikes or the larger ones own vans. The fish are packed into insulated boxes filled with ice. Some of the larger traders who buy from the tank boats, now have refrigerated vans allowing them to sell further afield.

The bicycle and motorbike traders then resell the fish around the villages and paddyfield areas or to housewives unable to buy from the incoming boats. They announce their arrival with a horn or tune and the housewives come out to the track or road to purchase the fish.

Any unsold fish may be sold on to be dried.

The larger traders purchase for the various roadside and market stalls  e.g  those along the coast road at Weligama or for the weekly Saturday markets at Dikwella and Hambantota.

Ceylon Fisheries oversees the fishing industry. This is their office at Hambantota

Buying directly from the fishermen. Some are buying for their households, others to resell around the villages

Bicycle and Motorbike fish traders who normally sell fairly locally from where the fish are landed

Fresh fish being sold from market stalls at Dikwella Saturday Market