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Wild Buffalo

Wild buffalo are a common site throughout the Southern and Central parts of Sri Lankan. There are also herds of domestic buffalo that the owners milk. The milk is typically turned into kiri- sour milk - which is another source of income.

(For  more details, see section on “Kiri” under “Food”. See also Sections on “Presentations” - in the sections on Tovil Dances and Pattini Ceremonies. Buffalo Tying is one of the final Presentations of the Midnight Watch Dances that are performed in these ceremonies to entertain the Deity Mangara, who according to legend, was killed by a wild buffalo when he was a human. There are links in these Sections to my You Tube video links that show this dance.)

Grazing, Yala East National Park

Bundala National Park

Buffalo love water!

Egrets cleansing buffalo of ticks

Amongst the water lilies in a tank