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The 12 Presentations

Then followed the Presentations - to entertain Mangara and the Deities and of course the audience, as there was much joking interchange between the Tovil Dancer performing these Presentations and the drummer.

The performance started with the dancer plucking out a coconut leaf from the toran - his “warrant” to perform these Presentations.

The first Presentation is Cloth. He took the cloth from the windowsill of the house. He spun around the Performance Area with it, singing the story. He related to the drummer its purpose - to shade the heads of the Deities and for placing on the ground for them to walk on without becoming polluted. Then he placed the cloth back in the Shrine.

The Tovil Dancer produced a coconut  leaf “scroll” from the Shrine and “read” it out - it stated he had permission to perform the Presentations.

The second was Umbrella. After parading  around with it to the drumbeat singing about its purpose -  to shade great people from the sun. He then had a further comic interchange with the drummer whom he asked for advice on its various uses. Then he tried it out as a seat causing it to break into pieces. This caused great amusement. He picked up the pieces which were placed into the Shrine.

The next two were flag and fan which he performed together. Again he first paraded around with them and had a discussion with the drummer.

Next was Drum. This led to much “dubious” humour. He asked the drummer what it was - was it women’s breasts, buttocks etc. …

 Finally he understood and then “played” the drums to the drummer’s instructions.

This Drum Presentation always raises laughter from the audience.

He then destroyed it, placing the pieces in the toran.

…..or maybe binoculars?

Next followed the Horn Presentation, which he eventually managed to blow and danced around the Performance Area blowing it before  destroying  it. As before he then carefully gathered up the pieces to place into the toran.

Then followed was Stringed Instrument which followed with the usual interchange with the drummer who gave instructions on how to play it. When he understood the instructions, he paraded around “playing it”  in time to the drumbeat. Then he destroyed it placing the pieces in the toran.

Next followed the Stick Games

While these Presentations were being performed, another Tovil Dancer assisted a volunteer to dress up as an Elephant for the Elephant Tying Presentation

Elephant Tying - the Tovil dancer led the “elephant” around the Performance Area making more dubious jokes with the Drummer.

…and the  final Presentation was Buffalo Tying

The devil dancer pretending he can read and has the authority to cause trouble to humans

You Tube Video Links

Devol Madua Part 5 :The 12 Presentations


These Presentations lasted approx. One hour.