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Final Blessing

To conclude this Pattini ceremony the family stood in front of the Offering Basket and were blessed by the Head Tovil Dancer.

The offering basket was for Gara/Cobra. The couple stood in front of it where it was resting on the chair in front of the toran and whilst the officiant recited they made offerings together into the basket then bowed to the basket and then Gara/Cobra took it away out of Performance Area

The Officiant then placed the white cloth that had been on his shoulder as a scarf around his neck  and in front of the toran performed a circular dance. He turned and bowed to all parts of the toran then called out Ayboan - Long Life! (as did the audience) and  then he bowed respectfully to the toran. The couple had returned to their mat by now.

Then everyone stood up,  the clairvoyant stood facing the toran immediately behind the officiant who led everyone in a Buddhist prayer - a recitation of the Five Precepts.

He then gave the family back their lighted brass oil lamp which had been in the toran for the ceremony. (This is the one that is  usually kept in their household shrine. The family all stood together in front of the toran behind the officiant. When he returned it to them  they carried it back together into their household praying shrine.

Next followed the communal meal that the cooks had been cooking all night.

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