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Fire Walking/Trampling

The tovil dancers had changed again wearing their red decorated short skirts over their white sarongs. They danced first in front of the Pattini Toran and  then moved to dance around the fire. One Tovil dancer (the son of the officiant) was wearing a “crown” .

When they moved around the fire they danced and sang at the two ends and sides. The head Tovil dancer was at the “foot” - furthermost from the Toran and the son wearing the “crown”, opposite him.

Tea was again served to all the women as the men and boys prepared to fire walk.

The head Tovil dancer had a pot of  sacred water with which to anoint all the fire walkers on their heads first, before they entered the embers. The other Tovil dancers held coconut flowers in their hands - by now it was becoming light.

The Tovil dancer wearing the crown did a special dance and also sang a song to ensure the safety of the fire walkers.

NB Head Tovil dancer Officiant) holding coconut flowers with which he later anointed the heads of each Fire Walker to prevent him being burnt

He also blessed the village leader and the man in charge of catering who were to be the first to fire walk after the Tovil dancers and  he blessed the red cloth to be worn around the neck of the main Tovil dancer. The main officiant prayed on the flower he was to place on the embers to keep the fire walkers safe. The Tovil dancer with the crown unwrapped  the red cloth and gave it to his father who  then wrapped it around his neck.

The officiant was the first to Fire Walk

Following after  the Officiant, the other Tovil dancers fire walked and then the village men and boys and even some of the monks. The Temple monks had been viewing the proceedings throughout the night seated on chairs and benches covered in the customary way with white cloths.

By this time the sky was lightening and dawn was near. N.B. The monk observing.

Serving tea to the women.

N.B. The monks, some of them fire walked.

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