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Dance of Lights and Blessing

Then the Tovil dancers who had changed again during the collection by Pattini into  white sarongs with red trim and sashes, and white head cloths. performed a series of very energetic dances. This was the Dance of Lights. There was much whirling and acrobatics  plus fire juggling and a joking interchange with the drummer especially when one of the torches was dropped whilst he was ”instructing” them on how to juggle.

During this dance four men representing the  village, were seated on a mat and then had their heads rubbed with  Pattini’s pink scarf. Then their heads  were "washed" with medicated water from a new clay pot. Their heads were then dried with a white cloth and then rubbed with a bulat leaf. Next a lighted torch was held above them and  Pattini’s pink scarf was shaken over their heads. An offering basket was then held over them into which they make offerings on behalf of the community.

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