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Communal Meal or Deva-dana

Dana means gift , Deva means Deities and this food is considered sacred as it is served as part of a ceremony dedicated to the Deities. It is believed that the serving of this special meal gains merit for the providers in this world and for their rebirths.

Extreme cleanliness must be observed so the food is served from and eaten on,  freshly cut banana leaves. Those who had been preparing the meal ate after they had served everyone else. Whilst they were preparing it extreme cleanliness had been observed avoiding any contact with pollution e.g. the cooks who were all male could not have been in contact with death within the last 90 days, birth or menstruating wives.

The foods served, were those believed to be  special “cooling” foods - milk rice, vegetables etc. No meat, fish or eggs as there are polluting and so could adversely affect the successful outcome of the ceremony

This communal meal was served to all who were left. Everyone remaining ate together - partaking of the special food cooked for this Pattini Ceremony.

The cooks served everyone.

N.B.  In the centre is the Head Tovil Dancer who had been the main officiant during the ceremony. He was served first.

The men sat one end of the room and the women and small children the other end.

The Clairvoyant for whom the ceremony was being held, is to the officiant’s left.

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