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Protection and Blessing

Following the Fire Walking (by now it was light) everyone returned to the main performance area and each person was blessed by having a bulat leaf rubbed over their heads by the Officiant.

This part of the ceremony started with the Officiant singing and dancing in front of the “hut” whilst holding a bundle of lighted torches. The chairs with the offering baskets were then moved by the Assistants in front of the “hut”. Then starting with the community leaders who were standing by the Toran, he moved around each member of the audience protecting and blessing them by first holding  the bulat leaves he carried over the bundle of lighted torches he held in his other hand. He uttered a verbal blessing as he rubbed the top of each person’s head with the bulat leaves. Whilst he was doing this there was a slow resonant drumbeat.

When he had blessed everyone, the articles were returned to the Toran.

The bulat leaf was first held over the bundle of burning torches he held in his hand….

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Gam Madua Part 12 - Finale & Protection


….Then rubbed on the foreheads of each of the audience

The community representatives were the first to be blessed’