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Pattini’s appearance

As with the other Pattini Ceremonies the drumming and associated dances led onto the  “Bonnet Dances”. These dances immediately preceded the appearance of Pattini. The dances had changed costumes during the Drumming Performance, they had whitened faces and kohl lined eyes. On their heads were the elaborate “bonnets”.

Then following this series of dances the Deity Pattini made her entrance. She was respectfully led in under her canopy as befitted a Deity.

Pattini danced slowly around the Performance Area. As “she” progressed around the second time holding the pink shawl, “she” took up a collection from the audience into a clay pot held under “her” pink shawl.

N.B. the dividing rope creating the division over which the women must not cross. Also note that the “island” is on higher ground so the women of the audience had to stretch up to make their donations.  

At the end of the “collection dance”, Pattini took the clay pot with the donations  to the Pattini toran.

As respect to a Deity, she was led around the Performance Area sheltered by the white cloth

Then she danced slowly around  the Performance Area, singing as she progressed.

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