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Pattini Texts - Texts 1 and 2 Extracts

These extracts are from the texts at the beginning of the ceremony when the Performance Area, toran and shrines are sanctified. They relate the origin  and legends of the Deities being invited to attend the Ceremony. Here extracts concerning Pattini are quoted. For full details see particularly Obeysekere p 79-93 and his very enlightening analysis and commentary in Part 2.

“Lady Pattini O goddess  shining over the world like the full moon

We remember you and give you offerings of dances

If these people have done wrongs be patient, O lady full of merit

Lady, mighty Pattini, joyously take the offerings given in this hall…..

The goddess descends from wind and cloud and sky

She looks at the sorrows in Sri Lanka with her divine eyes

She takes the anklet and carries it on her shoulder

Arrive O Pattini of wind and cloud and flower

We invite her who was conceived  in the holy golden mango

She who gave the anklet to her husband and told him its worth

With the anklet she broke the prowess of the Pandi king

O Pattini who resurrected the dead body, come and reside here.

That day she went to the Velli rest \house

She subjugated the demoness who lived there

By the power of the chastity and morality that she zealously guards

Listen and come this day into this hall O mighty Pattini……….

Seven times was the Seven Pattini born

In seven places and on seven days

With compassion and kindness protect us morthals

O Seven Goddess Pattini come into your flower home.”